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Are you ready to stop wasting time going to the wrong events, failing at follow-up, and hating sales?

If you are ready to make a profitable change - I invite you to join the Unstoppable Confidence Networking & Sales Academy

The Unstoppable Confidence Networking & Sales Academy is an interactive, LIVE, virtual training program, designed just for you. In the academy you will learn to increase visibility and revenue by networking & selling with systems, structure and authenticity. If you want to make more money in your business but, need help and accountability with your sales process - this is for you.

Live Classes

Even though we are virtual - these classes are taught live and in real time.  In class you will easily create a networking & sales process that helps you to find your ideal clients, communicate effectively, follow-up flawlessly, and close more deals quickly all without that dreaded ‘sales anguish’. 

In our community you will learn to create a profitable pipeline, what to say when you call, and you'll overcome objections like a champ - resulting in more bottom line dollars and more confidence in your business.

Online Courses

The academy will work best for those who are committed to success, fairly disciplined and will show up in the online classroom, to do the work . This requires focus and commitment to the results but, If you commit ---

You will learn how to stop guessing, and start implementing the never-fail strategies for finding, communicating with, and converting ideal prospects into exceptional clients.

Unstoppable Sales Confidence

If you feel like you have the pieces to the puzzle, yet you can’t quite figure the puzzle out and you are going through the motions, hoping for the next sale, but not making real money THIS IS FOR YOU. 

You will gain the tools, scripts, resources, and clarity to confidently and authentically close sales faster and with ease.




I promise you, landing clients – and achieving those feelings of self-value, worthiness and success – happens with grace and ease when you know the foundations of networking and relationship-based sales.


What's Included when you enroll in the Unstoppable Confidence Networking & Sales Academy?


Stay on track with my weekly networking and sales activity planner. The Networking and Sales Planner will assist you to create a weekly plan for prospecting, follow-up, making connections for others, and more. It's a must-have tool for your revenue building system.

Monthly Training Sessions and Weekly Accountability Sessions

You implement, we guide and provide feedback. This is not a passive learning session. You will actually learn and implement sales calls and participate in prospecting activity in real time. I'll be right there with you to help take the fear and the awkward out of your sales conversations. 


Community builds success! In our Facebook group you will have other UNSTOPPABLE colleagues to network with, exchange ideas, referrals, and get valuable feedback. Those who participate the most gain the most so I encourage lots of interaction! Even our most introverted members find this to be a safe comfortable place to network, learn, and gain accountability.

Is the Unstoppable Confidence Networking & Sales Academy Right For Me?

Who resonates with you? If you identify with any of these powerful business professionals - the Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy was designed just for you.

"The Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy has made the uncomfortable, sometimes overwhelming idea of “sales” into the process of networking, building relationships and serving people. I love how Tish systematically breaks down the components into manageable segments, making the process much less daunting and more fun. This class is a must for anyone who wants to be able to serve others not sell them.” "

Kathleen Gramzay
Kinessage, LLC - CEO

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