Networking & Sales Planner

Having a plan is integral to your business success. The Networking & Sales Planner helps you create the systems to help you skyrocket your income and allows you to network with confidence. Craft your networking plan every week to make sure you aren't wasting valuable time and ensure that you are getting a great return on your investment Select and execute profit-producing activities for each week Use the same follow-up strategies that Tish teaches and uses to build her business Designed for you to use any time of the year! (not just a calendar year!)
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  • Profit Producing Prompts: Plan for profit each week and make sure you hitting your revenue goals
  • Conversation Starters: Never be at a loss for words again when you network! You'll have access to questions to ask and things to say to make networking a breeze!

"Following Tish Times' systems for networking and follow-up has allowed me to more than double my income from last year."

Kimberly O'Bannon
CEO - Steller Apps & Techie Hacks

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