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The event designed to catapult your confidence, proficiency, and strategy for networking, empowering you to become a successful, confident, and profitable connector.

The Unstoppable Confidence Networking Conference will CHANGE your career, business, LIFE and how you NETWORK forever!

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Corporate Training

HireTimes Training & Coaching Group provides customized and interactive executive coaching, leadership development, and corporate training.  We will introduce your leaders to unique strategies to accelerate results and personal growth.

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Clear Communication. Employee Engagement. Brand Evangelism.



I coach entrepreneurs to amplify their business, acquire new clients and increase profits with unparalleled networking strategies. Are you ready to increase your confidence, your network and your income?  Are you easily scheduling appointments with prospective clients who you’ve met at networking events? Do you have a post networking routine that helps you to systematically follow up on a consistent basis?   Get the accountability and guidance that you need to create the business of your dreams!

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The breakthroughs are heartwarming

To see and be a part of the breakthroughs that happen at the retreats is heartwarming.

Chris Francis
I am ready to make my reservations for the next retreat.

This retreat was amazing...mind-blowing. I am ready to make my reservations for the next retreat. I am definitely coming back it was well worth it!

Christena Lunsford
Tish Times takes everything to a whole new level!

This retreat was an AMAZING experience! I learned that it's not just about business. When you come to a Tish Times’ retreat or an event, you are not just given numbers or fed information. You are given things that you can implement immediately and you are going to know why. You are going to touch on things that may be affecting your business that you thought had nothing to do with business. You learn how it all goes to together. It’s something that you can’t get reading a book or going to a seminar here or there. Tish Times takes everything to a whole new level!

Melissa Nichelle Stokes
This retreat was eye-opening.

It gives me the opportunity to really see where I’m at, which is not were I want to be, but having other people speak into my life and show me that this is possible allows me to see beyond myself, beyond my obstacles and limitations. It helped me to see that it is possible!