I coach passionate entrepreneurs to grow business, develop their team, and gain visibility online so they make more money and LOVE the work they do. Are you ready for 6 + Figure Success? Do you need structure and systems to implement all of your great ideas? Get the accountability and guidance that you need to create the business of your dreams!

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Corporate Training

The best marketing you can do for your company is to have AWESOME, well-trained, engaged employees!

Staff Coaching
Do your managers recognize when employees need career or performance coaching? HireTimes Career & Coaching Group is your partner to bring the best out of your staff members!
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Career Professionals | Job Seekers

I coach career professionals and job seekers to maximize exposure to potential employers or position themselves for ultimate success so they increase their income and LOVE the work they do.

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Stop sign

What’s Stopping You?

Have you ever been listening to something that was very inspiring such as a motivational speech or a church sermon only to have the speaker say something that cut you to the core?  Maybe a question was asked, like, 'What's stopping you?'  How do those heart … Keep Reading »

backing up

Are You on Autopilot?

This question came to me as I was backing up while driving an SUV.  The vehicle courteously beeped while I moved in reverse notifying me that there was something behind me.  I thought about the fact that if I depended solely on that beeping sound instead of … Keep Reading »

What is a Career Coach (part II)

Earlier in this month I wrote about career coaches and how I work with clients.  Here is a quick video detailing a little more information PLUS a special offer for anyone who would like to work with me to shorten their job search or improve their … Keep Reading »

Job Seekers! Be Memorable!

Do you know how to stand out from the competition when on the job market?  Here is a quick video to help you Be Memorable! Job Seekers! Be Memorable! Tish Times is the Founder, CEO, Career Expert and Life Strategist of HireTimes Career & Coaching … Keep Reading »