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By 2018 I had been dealing with a chronic digestive issue for about 10 years.  By then, I'd been taking prescription and over the counter meds daily just to not have stomach pain.  I hadn't realized that foods such as sugar, gluten, and grains were negatively impacting my health and I was in a very dangerous position.  In December of 2018 - I had to be admitted to the hospital and I was diagnosed with diverticulitis.  I was told by the doctors in the hospital that I needed surgery but,  I am blessed to have a gastroenterologist with a naturopathic approach. He was willing to work with me using a combination of intermittent fasting and dietary changes (and lots of prayers) instead of more medicine and surgery.  The dietary and lifestyle changes worked.  I lost 50 pounds and resolved the majority of my digestive issues.  I was healthier than I had been in over 10 years and felt totally victorious.

I'd maintained my weight loss for...

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Lessons From My Daddy that Apply to your Sales Process

sales Sep 21, 2019

Anyone who knew my daddy loved him.  Instantly.

He was a kid magnet. He could make even the most standoffish kid smile with his magnetic smile and jolly laugh. No baby on a mission to fight nap time could win against his ability to bounce them to sleep on his perfectly round belly.

On another note, daddy was notorious for getting rid of something before it's time. If a tv stopped working, he'd buy a new one.  He wouldn't have it looked at. He would not call a technician.  He'd replace it.

If the car got a scratch (yes a scratch!) He'd head over to the dealership and get a new one. **Ask my siblings - I can't make this stuff up.**

The lesson that we can extract from my dear daddy is the value of examination and the power of a pivot instead of a complete change.

There were dozens of opportunities to make slight tweaks. Hundreds of chances to do maintenance.  To save time, money, and stress. ( my mom was not a fan of his instant replacement way of thinking)

Are you...

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