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By 2018 I had been dealing with a chronic digestive issue for about 10 years.  By then, I'd been taking prescription and over the counter meds daily just to not have stomach pain.  I hadn't realized that foods such as sugar, gluten, and grains were negatively impacting my health and I was in a very dangerous position.  In December of 2018 - I had to be admitted to the hospital and I was diagnosed with diverticulitis.  I was told by the doctors in the hospital that I needed surgery but,  I am blessed to have a gastroenterologist with a naturopathic approach. He was willing to work with me using a combination of intermittent fasting and dietary changes (and lots of prayers) instead of more medicine and surgery.  The dietary and lifestyle changes worked.  I lost 50 pounds and resolved the majority of my digestive issues.  I was healthier than I had been in over 10 years and felt totally victorious.

I'd maintained my weight loss for...

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