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The Profit Party  

Where Busy Business Owners Can Learn to Reach Six-Figure Sales Goals (with profit) Quickly and Consistently

(Even when the day-to-day business is overwhelming!)

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Do you struggle to have powerful sales conversations with the RIGHT clients (that close quickly) and make real PROFIT in your business?


Does the pressure to close deals cause you to appear salesy?


I'm ready to help you meet your Six-Figure Sales Goals...

Quickly and Consistently!


All you need to reach your six-figures is likely sitting on your desk!

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A 3.5-hour virtual event designed to modify your mindset and increase the profitability of every sales conversation…

Quickly and Consistently!

Hi, I'm Tish Times

My team and I help speakers and service-based businesses increase their income by training them to increase their sales. With our expertise, the sales cycles are shorter, and revenue is higher. We help businesses prospect, follow-up, and nurture prospective clients so they convert more business, exceed sales and profit goals, attract the right clients, and enjoy financial success.

A common complaint I hear frequently from business owners is, “I can’t seem to find enough time to get everything done.”

That’s why I’ve created this one-day event to help you, the busy business leader, meet your six-figure sales goal in 2021!

And the best part – I’m confident you’ll see that the tools and techniques needed are right in front of you!

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The Profit Party is for you if:

  • You’re uncomfortable meeting new prospects and tend to stay in your comfort zone around people you already know
  • You’re hiding in your office doing busy work on your computer
  • You’re frustrated with your inability to move forward and promote your business even though you know you can truly help your clients
  • You make every excuse in your head about why people won’t buy from you
  • When it’s time to ask for the sale, you can feel your stomach turn
  • You’re spending an enormous amount of time surfing on social media and attending events – then calling it marketing
  • You’re initiating sales conversations, but not closing sales
  • You’re overwhelmed, overworked, and wallowing in self-pity because you keep falling short of your sales goals
  • You're actually bringing in revenue, however... You are NOT making any real profit from your sales
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Here's what you'll learn

  • How to choose and fully embrace the magic of a confident mindset
  • How to leverage the power of profit-producing activities
  • How to increase your closed sales percentages
  • The 3 secrets of the most profitable sales conversations
  • Plus, I’ll do a few real-time business makeovers 
Here's the Bottom Line:

When You...

Build your community of connections

Consistently perform profit-producing activities

Boldly help solve problems for clients


You'll Close More Six-Figure Sales!


— Profit Party

with Tish Times —

Event Details

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

9 am - 12:30 p.m. Mountain Time
(11:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time)

Content-Rich Virtual Event, Business Makeovers, and Open Q&A

Investment: Only $59!

*Access and preparation details will be sent to the email you provide during registration.


As a bonus, the first 25 registrants can apply for a real-time Business Makeover AND the chance to join my Bonus Day Webinar.


Aren’t you ready, Once and For All, to identify – 

the Gaps in your Mindset, the Cracks in your Routine, and Every Reason

 You aren’t reaching your Six-Figure Sales Goals and seeing actual PROFIT in your business?


Join me on December 1st – and I’ll help you gain victory!

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