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by Tish Times

 *Due to the nature of our discussions and the caliber of participants, you may be asked to sign an NDA.

Profit Mastery Premium Sales Intensive Preview Event with Tish Times is an exclusive 2-Day LIVE, interactive sales training held in the Phoenix, Arizona area on June 15-16, 2023.

This is a preview of our 12-week program. During this hands-on interactive event you will learn how to create a sales process, develop a profitable pipeline, and gain tools to increase revenue immediately.

For those who enroll in the program - the live event is followed by twelve weeks of high-level sales coaching, training, support, and Execution Assistance to launch your sales plan and skyrocket your revenue.

Make Change Happen

During the Profit Mastery Sales Preview Event, you will learn to create a predictable selling process to generate quality leads and easily close more sales without hopeless hustle.

This Event is for YOU if:

You have started building a list of prospective clients, however, you are looking to increase the consistency of your conversions.

You are ready for powerful accountability to follow through on what you need to do, no excuses.

You hate networking but, you realize it could be valuable AND you want to learn a different and more authentic way to network for converting sales (instead of wasting time on small talk and passing business cards)

You want hands-on help to develop a system to identify, locate, attract, and land your ideal customers and clients, again and again.

You want to start having 6+ figure months and 7+ figure years in your business for more time and financial freedom

This event is ideal for

  • The solo entrepreneur who doesn't have the TEAM, TIME, OR TOOLS, to focus on business development full-time yet wants to create a way to automate and maximize the time they can spend on sales.

  • The business owner with a team of 50 or less who wants a sustainable sales process and wants 1-2 team members trained to take sales to the next level (inquire about bringing team members)

  • The sales professional who believes the notion of unlimited income is possible, however, hasn't quite figured out how to substantially increase their commissions.

Hear what a few previous attendees had to say!


About Your Host

Tish Times is the founder of the Tish Times Sales Agency. For over 10 years, Tish has been empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to create revenue-generating business connections, shorten the sales cycle, and close sales with ease.

Tish and her team help skyrocket revenue for companies with a done-for-you sales solution. Tish Times is an expert at helping companies to attract more leads, maintain a full pipeline, and convert more prospects to clients. Tish and her team have helped clients close six-figure deals and develop strategies to automate sales conversion.

Tish’s books include Networking is Not a One-Night Stand, The Unstoppable Confidence Networking Playbook, and The Networking and Sales Planner.

When you implement the strategies you learn at

the Profit Mastery Premium Intensive Preview Event...

You will be more comfortable and

more “yourself” while meeting new

contacts and have the tools

to pique their interest in your


You will be able to consistently convert new contacts into appointments and customers with a rock-solid follow-up routine

You can exceed your revenue

goals by implementing a clear-cut,

repeatable sales strategy

If I decide to enroll in the 12-week program what's included?

  • Full access to my online Profit Makers University

  • recorded courses

  • 4 Private Laser Coaching Calls - When you have a big opportunity coming up and you just need to ask a few questions or get some prep help - you’ll have four private (4) laser sessions for those “I need help right now” moments.

  • Assessments to learn how you sell and find ways to use your strengths to close more sales

  • 12 Group Cohort Execution Assistance Sessions to hold you accountable for results and help you complete your profit-generating activities on a weekly basis.

  • Exclusive Online Forum just for the cohort to stay connected, ask questions, brainstorm, encourage, and motivate each other


  • Our setup will ensure that you have solid client management processes, a built-in follow-up system, automation workflows created for you, and conversion tools to monitor and measure your metrics.

  • A Virtual Sales Assistant will be available each week (1 hour per week) to help implement your sales plan and even help schedule a few appointments for you

  • Access to all templates and worksheets

You will receive your own Networking & Sales Planner developed by Tish Times for you to keep track of your profit-producing activities each week. With this tool, you will be guided weekly to plan your networking activities, uncover your challenges, and track your success.


The first 5 new clients will get


LINKEDIN Prospecting



Making Sales Easy

Tish’s course has made the uncomfortable, sometimes overwhelming idea of "sales" easy.

I have learned how to:

1. Ask the right questions upfront to determine if it's a right fit

2. Listen, gain understanding, and go from there.

I love how Tish systematically breaks down the components into manageable segments, making the process much less daunting and more fun. This class is a must for anyone who wants to be able to serve others not sell them. For entrepreneurs, it provides a proven system to follow and replicate. For sales professionals, it provides strategies and insight into how to authentically relate and build relationships to serve instead of sell.

Kathleen Gramzay, Developer of Kinessage Self Care

I know what you're thinking...

Will I learn anything in the program in addition to sales training?

You will learn solid business principles, and receive tools & resources, that will help you increase your revenue.

How can I get support to implement the course material?

You will be best supported by showing up to the weekly implementation sessions and taking advantage of your 4 coaching sessions with Tish in order to make the most of your enrollment

Is Profit Mastery Premium Sales Intensive for all types of industries?

Profit Mastery Premium Sales Intensive is best for service-based organizations and companies that sell products to consumers or other businesses. Profit Mastery Premium Sales Intensive is also an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who don’t consider themselves sales professionals.

Is enrollment only open certain times of the year?

Profit Mastery Premium Sales Intensive accepts new participants four times per year.

Need some peace of mind?

If you invest fully in the Profit Mastery Premium Sales Intensive program, show up to 90% of the sessions, complete the assignments, and apply the content to your business each week, I guarantee that you will make your investment back 5X over. If you show up, participate, and are serious about serving your ideal clients and don’t make at least 5 times your investment, within the first six months, I’ll give you 50% of your money back. There is no way you can’t increase your bottom line when you implement the information you learn while enrolled in Profit Mastery Premium Sales Intensive.

© 2023 Tish Times

© 2023 Tish Times