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Why Should They Care?

By: tishtimes Wednesday April 20, 2016 comments

Do you remember the movie Jerry McGuire?  What is the line we should most remember?  I’ll bet you just said – “Show me the Money!”  NO! I disagree.  The line we must remember is, “You had me at hello“.  If we keep this in mind we will, hopefully, understand how important our HELLO really is.  The first 3-5 seconds are crucial to a prospective client deciding if continuing the conversation is a worthy endeavor. Initiating conversations can be intimidating but consider these items and  keep them in mind to ease and simplify your approach:

  • Be clear! BE CONCISE!  If they don’t understand you or remember you, you may miss an opportunity.
  • Speak with a confident tone of voice – don’t allow nervousness to make you look like less than a professional
  • Speak in simple language and avoid using technical terms.
  • While you should practice your intro, make sure you deliver it enthusiastically so you don’t sound rehearsed.
  • Know what you do and be able to clearly and succinctly state it.  Your intro should create an opportunity to elaborate.

Be able to answer these questions:  “Why should they care?”  What problem do you solve?  Why do they need you – now? What will change as a result of their experience with you?  When you get clear on these answers you are well on your way crafting a powerful  ‘Engagement Statement’.

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10.10.2014 Tish Headshot-117Tish Times, founder and CEO of HireTimes Training & Coaching Group. Tish coaches entrepreneurs who struggle to leverage networking as a tool to increase profit, helping them to confidently engage and secure their ideal clients. Her clients, on average, increase their reach by 300% via online and offline networking and report having more confidence thereby producing better networking results and seeing income increase by 50%-70%.



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About the Author: tishtimes

Tish Times brings a sense of purpose and authenticity back to networking & sales. She works with companies and entrepreneurs who aren’t effectively leveraging networking as the entry point to the sales process to increase revenue. Tish merges proven sales strategies with interpersonal awareness to create effective networking and follow-up plans that produce results while still feeling natural. Through her signature program, the Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy, Tish helps clients develop authentic sales strategies to increase profit, skyrocket confidence, and build genuine connections.

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