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Speaking to Your Ideal Client

By: tishtimes Sunday August 14, 2016 comments

Speaking to Your Ideal Client

Today, I have a story for you. This is a real life story from my seventeen year old son. He is writing a book. He's been working on this book for two years, and the book is full of quotes. Some are funny. Some are very insightful. Some kind of make you say "hmm."
In talking about his book ... We were in the car the other day, and he was sharing with me some of his latest funny quotes. I was laughing my head off. He's a funny kid. He cracks me up. He makes me laugh all the time. He shared maybe three or four of them and I laughed and laughed,Then he shared one and I didn't laugh. I said, "Charles, I don't think that's as funny as the others," He said something to me that I'll never forget and I hope you'll never forget either. He said, "Mom, it is funny. You're just not my target audience."
I was dumbfounded. First of all, this kid's been listening to me. Number two, it's really interesting how a seventeen year old understands the people who he is speaking to. He understands his audience. He knows that his audience is going to be in his own age group. They're going to watch certain types of shows, so they'll get the jokes that he's saying. They're going to be looking for a certain type of entertainment, therefore they'll be amused by the things that he is talking about.
Now, when it comes to us as business owners, as entrepreneurs, as sales professionals, sometimes I find that we don't always know or understand our own target audience. I just spoke to someone very recently, and I remember them talking about having this broad audience.  Thinking she is supposed to help the world. When we have big hearts, we want to be able to help the world, and there is nothing wrong with having that desire. However, I must caution you. In speaking to the world, you're going to hear crickets, because no one knows how to self-select. They don't know that you're specifically talking to them. Therefore, in order to have tremendous success in your sales, developing strategies for selling, you have to be talking to the right person.  I don't care how great my sales strategies are, if I'm speaking to someone who does not speak or understand my language, I will not make sales.
One of the first things that I encourage you to do is to get very crystal clear on your ideal client. Understand who your audience is, who is listening, who is speaking your language, and who is going to say, "Hey, you're talking to me. Tell me more." If you're not getting them to say that, all the strategies in the world are not going to get you to make more money. I have a phrase I love to say.  "Clarity is sexy,"  Clarity causes people to be attracted to you. It causes you to be magnetic and always leads you to the place of your ideal clients.  Make sure that you're speaking their language.  Make sure they're hearing you clearly, Make sure that you understand who it is that you're supposed to be talking to.
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Tish Times, founder and CEO of HireTimes Training & Coaching Group.Tish coaches entrepreneurs who struggle to leverage networking as a tool to increase profit, helping them to confidently engage and secure their ideal clients. Her clients, on average, increase their reach by 300% via online and offline networking and report having more confidence thereby producing better networking results and seeing income increase by 50%-70%.

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Tish Times brings a sense of purpose and authenticity back to networking & sales. She works with companies and entrepreneurs who aren’t effectively leveraging networking as the entry point to the sales process to increase revenue. Tish merges proven sales strategies with interpersonal awareness to create effective networking and follow-up plans that produce results while still feeling natural. Through her signature program, the Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy, Tish helps clients develop authentic sales strategies to increase profit, skyrocket confidence, and build genuine connections.

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