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Having an event? What will your attendees experience if they don’t make great connections or don’t know how to maximize their time and participation while in the room?

Tish Times will show your audience how to maximize their time at your event.

When attendees are fully engaged, know how to connect, and have easy to implement follow-up tools it changes their impression of your conference or workshop. 

Tish helps your participants to set specific intentions for their time with you, focus on the speakers and other attendees,  and make deeper connections allowing them to experience the event differently.

Satisfied attendees are more likely to implement the content being taught, make larger purchases during the event, and register for your next event.


Are you feeling the effects of divisiveness or employees not communicating effectively?

Are you seeing a lack of teamwork?

Imagine if you could minimize “work-place warfare.”

That’s possible with the right training.

Using her “Network at Work” system, Tish Times can help to eliminate silos within your organization, provide easy to use communication skills, and help create more engagement, which ultimately leads to more success for the company.

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