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Take a look at the best referral, lead generation networking group ever! ​

Network In Action International believes that the perfect mix of technology and face-to-face networking will help your business grow. There are 6 key differences why NIA works: ​

1.  Monthly Business Meetings

Monthly meetings versus weekly, saving you over 80 hours a year!

2.  Professional Leadership

I am one of 30 certified networkers in the entire country. I am the conduit between NIA members and their connections.

3.  Refer with Confidence

We require a personality profile and background check on every member.

4.  Technology

Our computer and mobile app provides real-time connections plus a video profile in lieu of an elevator pitch; saving 25 minutes at every meeting!

5.  Bonus Meetings

An optional monthly happy hour, lunches, coffee connections or coaching session that brings all the area NIA members together.

6.  Guaranteed ROI

No other networking organization offers an ROI guarantee, but we do! If you do your part, we will guarantee your results in writing!

Who is Community Builder, Tish Times?

Tish Times is a certified networker, Community Builder and Franchise Owner for Network in Action in Phoenix, AZ. For nearly 10 years, Tish has been  teaching small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and sales professionals to increase income with unparalleled sales and networking strategies. Tish empowers sales professionals to create revenue-generating business connections, follow-up effectively, stay top-of mind, shorten the sales cycle and close sales with ease.  If you are ready to use networking to elevate your income call Tish today!

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