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a little bit about me

I am Tish Times and although I love Arizona I am a Texan by birth. My absolute favorite things are family (especially Roy Times, my bestie and husband).  I enjoy hiking, beaches, sports, and teaching networking and sales.

I am an ordained minister. I come across as an extrovert, but I'm NOT! I'm most comfortable at home with a book (physical or audio) and I've had to be very intentional about getting out of my comfort zone, which I work on daily.

Favorite Movie: Brown Sugar

Favorite Song: The Blessing - Kari Jobe

Favorite Quote: You can’t have a booming business when you have a busted life.

Favorite Color: Orange

Confidence is my superpower.

A relaxing day for me is either hiking with my husband, or getting pedicures with my girlfriends.



For most of my career sales simply sucked.

It wasn’t that I didn’t have the capacity to sell, I just thought sales felt icky and insincere. I was much more comfortable just having a conversation with someone. 

Once the time came to actually “do business” or ask for the sale, I could literally feel my stomach turn.  I would make every excuse possible, in my head, for why they didn’t want to buy from me.  These negative internal conversations would always prevent me from having a seamless conversation that naturally progressed to asking for the sale and feeling good about it. 

After much agonizing, I left my sales job to run a non-profit.  It felt so good initially.  I thought, “Good! Now I won’t have to sell anything”… Until I had to start asking donors for money (Ohhh man!  That was just selling repackaged!) I did that for about a year, then I opened my own staffing company only to find out that I now had to sell all the time just to keep my doors open. 

I eventually embraced the fact that I could no longer run away from what I was called to do.  I had to learn to sell in a way that felt natural and allowed me to be me.  I have developed a curriculum that has worked for my business, has done wonders for my clients.  Now that I have mastered the art (and science) of authentic selling I want to shout it from the rooftops!  You can’t run from what you are called to do either and guess what?  It involves selling.  People need you and you have a big responsibility to change your world and impact those around you.

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Why I do it

Something many people don’t know about me is that I suffered with low self-esteem for many years. As a child and young adult, I was popular but, very insecure.  I didn’t have the confidence to speak up for myself and I didn’t understand my own value.  I allowed myself to be treated with disrespect and abuse.  I spent 4 years in a physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive marriage.  It wasn’t until I found my voice, found my confidence, and found my value that I was able to realize that I have something to offer.

I understand that, as business professionals, when we are not clear on our value we will seldom ask for new business, we will struggle with building good relationships, and we will hide when we should be visible and available to the people who need what we have to offer. 

For a period of time, I made the mistake of thinking that if I became more visible on social media, attended more events, and got in front of more people it would equate to business success.  Once again I was popular, but, I was broke.

Now - I am committed to providing the inspiration, strategy, structure, and skills for those who struggle with insecurity as well as those who show up everywhere but, their efforts and investment are not evident in their bottom line.

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