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By: tishtimes Thursday October 27, 2016 comments

Don't Wait to Follow Up!

I had  a great time at an event a couple of years ago.  I was stoked about all of the new contacts I'd made.  I was sincerely excited about reconnecting with each and every one.  The plan was to start making follow up calls as soon as I got back to the office.  When I walked in the door however, the plates started spinning... "Sign this."    "Call him back"     "Can I talk to you for a minute?"   You know, the plates... the busy work.  The things that take up your day in lieu of making those all important follow up calls. 

The busy work is important, but if you aren't closing sales you can't stay in business for very long.  Follow up must be a priority.  Doing follow up activity immediately is one way to get ahead of the busy work that will swallow up your time if you allow it.  If you just can't get a handle on your follow up, however,  we're here to help.  We can do it for you!  If you are tired of leaving money on the table due to the absence of an effective follow up system take a look at our Virtual Sales Support.  Whether you have us handle it or decide to do it yourself, just do it now!  You, very possibly, have money on your desk right now in the form of 'un-followed up on business cards".

Let's do it now!

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Tish Times brings a sense of purpose and authenticity back to networking & sales. She works with companies and entrepreneurs who aren’t effectively leveraging networking as the entry point to the sales process to increase revenue. Tish merges proven sales strategies with interpersonal awareness to create effective networking and follow-up plans that produce results while still feeling natural. Through her signature program, the Unstoppable Confidence Sales Academy, Tish helps clients develop authentic sales strategies to increase profit, skyrocket confidence, and build genuine connections.

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