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1.  Need help with your business growth?


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Discover How The Most Successful Businesses Navigated The Common Challenges That All Businesses Face.

NIA Crowd Coach helps owners and leaders of businesses reach their goals with the aid of experienced mentors representing the industries with whom you need help. Our groups have over 300 years of business experience that we make available to you. Why not give your business every advantage to succeed? Members of NIA boards get more joy from their companies and a higher quality of life at home. Let's face it. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. You can avoid the many pitfalls of business ownership by tapping into the experience of our willing partners.

NIA Monthly Coaching Meeting

Monthly for three hours, you will meet with fellow business owners to deal with "what is keeping you up at night."

We provide a relationship with business Attorneys, CPA's, Bankers , Social Media experts, web developers, and over 20 other industries. Each month the agenda is tailored to the group's needs.

NIA Crowd Coach strives to help you prevent the decisions that can make or break your business.


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Who is Community Builder, Tish Times?

Tish Times is a certified networker, Community Builder and Franchise Owner for Network in Action in Phoenix, AZ. For nearly 10 years, Tish has been  teaching small business owners, solo entrepreneurs, and sales professionals to increase income with unparalleled sales and networking strategies. Tish empowers sales professionals to create revenue-generating business connections, follow-up effectively, stay top-of mind, shorten the sales cycle and close sales with ease.  If you are ready to use networking to elevate your income call Tish today!


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