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Uncategorized Oct 27, 2021

This week we will be talking about prospecting. If you follow me on any other social media channel, you’ll be hearing me talk a lot about prospecting. Prospecting is an important part of your sales process. However, this week, (October 25th), just happened to be my birthday and I am celebrating all week. 


One thing I can expect every year on my birthday is a call from my business coach. On the call, she asked me a powerful question. “What do you have in your hand?” What she meant was, what have you already created that you can begin to sell instead of recreating the wheel.


Now about prospecting…

When you think about your sales process, instead of starting from scratch, start with who you already know. Find those in your community, in your network, even maybe a friend group that you haven’t considered a prospective client before who you might need to have a conversation with. 


This is important because I think we sometimes overlook a blessing in our own backyard. Maybe we miss it because it doesn’t come in the package we thought it should. Often, we underestimate the potential for us to do business with those currently in our network. Sometimes we even devalue the ideas that we’ve previously had. Whatever the reason, the end result is the same…a missed opportunity. 


Some of you know that we recently moved into a new neighborhood. The house came beautifully landscaped but there were specific plants that I wanted in the yard. For instance, I wanted Lantanas. Well guess what? They were dormant, so I couldn’t tell, but in our front yard, all of a sudden I started to see lantanas blooming. There was another plant I wanted, I’m not sure of the name, but I know it has orange flowers. Again, because of the season here in Arizona, they were dormant but I now see them growing in my backyard. I also love Purple Fountain Grass. I was sitting in my backyard on my birthday and I just happened to look up and little did I know there was a flower pot filled with purple fountain grass, just for me. 


You may have been looking outwardly but, I believe God wants to show you what’s already in you, around you and in a place you probably never considered before. So before you start going out to prospect, start looking within and start looking in your current community. In doing that, I believe you’re going to find a prospective client who needs you and probably did not even know what you do. 

For those who wished me a happy birthday, thank you! I am excited to see what this next chapter holds for me. If you’re not already following our social media accounts, please do. We have an amazing opportunity coming up in the next few weeks and I am very excited to have you all be a part of it!


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