The Cost of Avoidance

Uncategorized May 26, 2021

I want to share something I heard from one of my coaches; it was mind-blowing! I've been teaching for years about the cost of not following up. You may have heard me tell you that the money you need in your business is probably sitting on your desk (or in your drawer) in the form of business cards….  PEOPLE you’ve never follow-up with. 

I’d like to invite you to add a dollar amount to every one of those business cards. 

Let's say your average package is $1000 and you have 10 cards on your desk. There's a potential $10,000 sitting on your desk right now!!  Even if you only closed 50%, that's still five thousand dollars!

Pretty good incentive to follow-up, right? 

I was talking to one of my coaches in a group yesterday and she said something I thought was powerful about the way you prioritize your day. Similar to my follow-up example… She said, “Add a dollar amount to every hour.” {mind blown}

Using my example above, it's easy to identify the cost of not following up, but, what about the cost of not using your time wisely?  I encourage my clients to do 90 minutes of Business Development every single day, and that means making sales calls, sending follow-up emails, thank-you cards, and spending time on platforms, like LinkedIn, making powerful connections. 

When you not doing these profit-producing activities but are, instead, wasting time and calling it being busy, how much money are you removing from your bottom line? How much time are you possibly spending doing $10/hour tasks when you really should be making $500/hour based on your skill-set, expertise, credibility, and all of the value you add to the marketplace?

I want you to think about that and let me know what comes up for you. What realizations come to mind? If you're courageous enough, take the time and do the numbers to realize what's possible in your business! 

I can’t wait to hear your feedback!




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