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By 2018 I had been dealing with a chronic digestive issue for about 10 years.  By then, I'd been taking prescription and over the counter meds daily just to not have stomach pain.  I hadn't realized that foods such as sugar, gluten, and grains were negatively impacting my health and I was in a very dangerous position.  In December of 2018 - I had to be admitted to the hospital and I was diagnosed with diverticulitis.  I was told by the doctors in the hospital that I needed surgery but,  I am blessed to have a gastroenterologist with a naturopathic approach. He was willing to work with me using a combination of intermittent fasting and dietary changes (and lots of prayers) instead of more medicine and surgery.  The dietary and lifestyle changes worked.  I lost 50 pounds and resolved the majority of my digestive issues.  I was healthier than I had been in over 10 years and felt totally victorious.

I'd maintained my weight loss for almost 2 years but,  in late 2019 I got comfortable.  Actually, I got distracted by major life challenges and instead of leaning into my new habits, I got complacent deviating from the system that had been working for me. I wasn't sitting around eating donuts and drinking chocolate milk, I just wasn't trusting the process and staying committing to my system. 

When you abandon your process momentum begins to wane, little by little.  It's such a small digression that you may not even notice until it starts to cause problems.

That's what happened to me.  I looked up and I had gained about 15 pounds back and I was starting to have periodic gut issues again.  

What's about having a system is that you can begin again.  You may have lost some momentum but, you are not a failure.  Millionaires who have filed bankruptcy then made their fortune back will tell you if you did it before you know how to do it again.  If you have had success in your business but, allowed yourself you get complacent or faced some unforeseen challenges don't give up.  Trust the process again.  Re-engage the habits that helped you get there the first time.  If you've never had a system - develop one.  Get the help you need.  Systems impact revenue and guide success. I teach sales systems and many of my clients will tell you, the right system, when followed will work.  

By re-engaging my health system I've been able to get my weight back down and I'm still continuing on my journey.  My last doctor's report said the diverticulitis is 'completely resolved'.  {happy dance}

What could happen for your sales between now and the end of the year if you commit to a system that attracts new business consistently?  



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