Number Two: Consistency is a Sales Strategy

Uncategorized Apr 15, 2021

In last week’s Newsletter we talked about consistency being a sales strategy, simple ways to curate content by consistent posting and utilizing a great team, and establishing talk without work is but a conversation.


My team does a great job of making sure that we have topics based on my expertise.  With that said, I have learned that I am inspired by things that give me great content. What do I mean by inspired by things that give me great content; is rather simple.  I do not feel as great if I just say, "Okay, today we are talking about this or that or the other. I am just going to get on camera and talk about it." Can I do it, yes I can but the content will not be as fruitful had it been from a place of inspiration.  We have to remember that inspiration can hit us at any moment of the day.  In the shower, driving to the grocery store, while we make breakfast, whenever and we are not always prepared to capitalize on the moment.  

Tip number 2: Utilize your recorder on your phone to capture the idea.  We all have phones for Facebook, Snap, IG, etc. now also utilize it to scribe those inspirations when they hit.  A good idea doesn’t wait on you, a good idea radiates from you whenever it feels like it. I use notes by the way, and I can record and it automatically transcribes it.  Sometimes when I get inspired to teach I do not have my makeup on or my hair done and I really do not want to jump on camera like that. When I have the time to circle back and make a video I literally have a transcript of what I want to say because I have already recorded it at the moment when I was feeling it.


A lie we tell ourselves is, "We are not ready. We are not camera-ready. We do not have time." That is okay. Just get it out of your head at the moment you need to so that when you do have the time and you scheduled that period to do your videos or whatever it is that you are doing for content, you can utilize all of that transcription and content that you have pre-prepared in order for the timing. So again, if consistency is a sales strategy, do not talk yourself out of success and being consistent because you do not have the content, time, you do not know what to talk about, or you are not ready. 

All of those things are lies that will continue to hold us captive in a place of perpetual state of failure because we now get into that shame about, "Everyone else is doing it and I should be doing it myself." Or, "They are more successful than me." Stop it!!! I have had to say this to myself so no harm, no foul, and no shame to you, right? It is just us giving ourselves permission to do what comes naturally to us at some level, but not allowing ourselves a get-out-of-jail-free card every time we just do not feel like doing it. 


Let us figure out a way to make it work so you can be consistent. People can see you more consistently because consistency builds trust.  I want you all to say that out loud, CONSISTENCY BUILDS TRUST.  When people trust you, they are going to be more likely to buy from you when you do have that conversation with them. You are not a stranger coming to them. Even if it is the first time you have had a face-to-face because they have been watching you for a while online, in your newsletters, or seeing some of your other things that you are putting out into the marketplace. It does not feel like a cold call.


I hope that has been helpful for you. Take some time to get some things done. Be consistent and increase your sales. Once again, I am Tish Times. Do not sit on this information. Go do something with it and bless somebody. 


The journey shall continue…



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