Number One: Consistency is a Sales Strategy

Uncategorized Apr 08, 2021

I believe that consistency is a sales strategy. Let me say that one more time, "Consistency is a sales strategy." You have no idea how many people have reached out to me via Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or even email to say "Hey, I have been watching your videos for a while and I would like to hire you to do this or that.” or “I have been watching your social media posts and I want to ask you to come to speak for this, that or the other".  It was not that I necessarily made the sales call or reached out to them directly, but just the consistency of them seeing me and our team do the wonderful work that they do caused them to register the fact that, "Ding ding ding! Maybe she can help me with something!" 


I say that because some people may think that I do everything, which is furthest from the truth.  I have a wonderful team in place that makes sure the wheels on the bus continue to go “round and round” 


I create the videos because I am the curator of the content, therefore, I have to be the one to do them. Just a little tip, I am sure you know this, but just in case always remember that because it may be presumed as if we know something intellectually because we are not doing it that can actually result in us not knowing it.  Knowing is in the doing, correct?  Flip the Canonical adage of “Faith Without Works is Dead” to talk without work is but  a conversation.  I do a video and my team takes that content and makes it into multiple Facebook posts, blog posts, or utilizes it for some of our other materials.  No one is creating content all day every day; so, if your consistency is being hindered because you are telling yourself the lie that you do not have time, here is a tip for you, YOU DO! Just find some help if you can, and if not, take one piece of content, have it transcribed and broken down into multiple social media posts - maybe even an email or blog posts, and 'boom'.  You have taken one five-minute or less video and given yourself upwards to a week or two worth of content. 


That was number one by the way, stay tuned for more because our journey has just begun...


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