Lessons From My Daddy that Apply to your Sales Process

sales Sep 21, 2019

Anyone who knew my daddy loved him.  Instantly.
He was a kid magnet. He could make even the most standoffish kid smile with his magnetic smile and jolly laugh. No baby on a mission to fight nap time could win against his ability to bounce them to sleep on his perfectly round belly.
On another note, daddy was notorious for getting rid of something before it's time. If a tv stopped working, he'd buy a new one.  He wouldn't have it looked at. He would not call a technician.  He'd replace it.
If the car got a scratch (yes a scratch!) He'd head over to the dealership and get a new one. **Ask my siblings - I can't make this stuff up.**
The lesson that we can extract from my dear daddy is the value of examination and the power of a pivot instead of a complete change.
There were dozens of opportunities to make slight tweaks. Hundreds of chances to do maintenance.  To save time, money, and stress. ( my mom was not a fan of his instant replacement way of thinking)

Are you like my dad?

In your business do any of these methods describe your process?

1. I've made ten calls and no one called me back so I'm not doing it anymore. It doesn't work.
2. I sent out 100 emails with my offer and no one purchased, so it's a failure.
3. I've been networking for three months and I haven't gotten any new clients. Networking doesn't work.
4. I've talked to 10 people to sell my service and they say it costs too much. I need to lower my prices and discount.
If you resonate with any of these - where can you rethink your method of delivery, your timing, your audience, or your package ---- instead of giving up completely?
If you need to put a baby to sleep, take a lesson from my dad.

If you are in business, however, realize that there is a more effective way to resolve issues. Test,  pivot and ask for help before you give up on your idea.

Hang in there - get some help if necessary but, you've got this!



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