Is your mindset costing you sales?

mindset sales Nov 12, 2020

Do you believe that your networking and sales success comes from your system or your mindset? 

This might surprise you, but it’s actually both.

Oftentimes people think that if they get enough training or if they know all the right things to say, then they’re going to have great success. And the likelihood is, is that no matter how much more you learn, how much more you train, and how much more you practice, if you don’t also work on your mindset you will struggle with sales.

It is super important to do those other things too, but often we deal with the things on the surface instead of getting to the root of the issue.

Something was missing

I spent so many years trying to figure out how to build my business, how to sell more effectively, how to go to the right places.  But, I was missing something that was so important. 

And because I was missing that super important component, I kept kind of running up against this wall and finding myself back in the same exact place year after year. 

I even got to a place where I was making hundreds of thousands of dollars and still finding myself in a place where I was hitting a wall and couldn’t figure out why. 

So, what did I do? 

I hired a coach. 

Get yourself an excellent coach. Utilize some of the experts in your network. You can't go wrong finding the right people to come alongside you. If you don’t anyone, then ask!

However, I'll tell you this. If you were hiring all the right people, you're doing "all the right things", you are really practicing your engagement statement (aka elevator pitch), it’s possible to still not have the level of success you desire.  

Go back to the drawing board

I'm going to invite you to consider going back to the drawing board and taking a hard examination of your mindset.  There might be something deep on the inside of you, maybe in the recesses of your mind, maybe even in your childhood, believe it or not, that might have created the story for you. That story could be that you just can't sell; that people are not attracted to you; that you frequently sabotage relationships.

If you're telling yourselves these kinds of stories over and over again, your mind is on a mission to prove what you're telling yourself. So you believe more what you say to yourself than what anyone else says to you. 

Take some time today to think about these few things:

  • Are you really aware of what you are saying to yourself over and over again? 
  • What story have you chosen? 
  • What are you choosing to believe about your self-ability? 
  • What have you created as it pertains to a cycle around your business?

What if it’s your mindset?

Have you ever been in a situation where you feel like all your clients, little-by-little, started to fall off or walk away? 

What if they didn't just start to fall off? What if on some level, without even realizing it, you began to chase them off? 

I once had a very dear mentor of mine ask this question, “If money were a person and you treated the money person the way you treat your actual money, would that person stay?" 

I hadn't even thought about that. I had never addressed that before.  But it got me to start thinking about my behavior around money. 

Let me tell you a secret - I can make money like a rockstar!  But at the time, I was having trouble keeping money. I was finding that I was building these businesses, building my clientele, and a great income, but I couldn’t hold onto the money. 

So when she asked me that question, I realized that I was chasing it away with my behavior.

And so I position this same question for business.  Where in your business are you subconsciously letting those relationships dismantle? Maybe there’s a reason that networking events are no longer working for you or that all of the sales in your pipeline dried up. 

Is this really what's happening or is it something that you're doing unconsciously to it?  It could be your sales or relationships or revenue streams.

Your beliefs are evident in your behavior

The truth is this. That your beliefs are evident in your behavior. 

So whether or not you say, "I believe I could sell. I believe I could be a successful business owner. I believe I can have great relationships and I network like a rockstar." 

What is your behavior saying about you? 

Is it telling on you and you're thinking, "I'm showing up this way," but the whole world is looking at you saying, "No, you're showing up another way?"

And so it's a hard truth, but it's a truth that I hope that you will embrace. This may seem like a velvet hammer.  It seems like it’s going to hurt you, but really it’s going to help you change the way you’re showing up, the way you’re behaving, and the way you’re thinking.  

It’s going to help you have more confidence in the way you are approaching new potential business opportunities. 

You can have a different approach to the way that you’re selling, the way you’re bringing income in your business, and maintaining, nurturing, and growing those relationships in a way that you may not have even known was possible. 

Dr. Cindy Trimm often says this, “What’s the one thing that you can change that’s going to change everything about your life?”

I’m going to pose that same question to you.  What's the one thing that you can change about the way you're thinking, about the way you're approaching things, about the way you're believing that can change everything about your business?

I would love to hear about your transformation. As you take time to examine your thought process around how things are working or not working and what changes you are making, please reach out and share!


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