Combating the Fear of Showing Up: Part I

Uncategorized May 05, 2021

Let’s talk about Combating the Fear of Showing Up. I experience it occasionally and I know that many people in my community experience it as well.  I know this because I have heard you. Fear causes you to make excuses when it’s time to go live on Facebook, to complete an application to speak to a large audience, to pick up the phone to have a sales conversation, or even when it's time to press the record button to create a marketing a video. This fear causes us to doubt EVERYTHING about our expertise.

If we are honest with ourselves, we know we are powerful. We know we are experts in our field. We know that we have everything that we need to solve the problem for the person who needs us the most. Why then, is it so difficult for us to show up? I recently posted on Instagram, "I will no longer allow fear to bully me into stagnation". Fear has a purpose. It has an assignment.  Its main mission is to cause you to stop moving forward, to stop impacting lives, and to stop doing what you know you were sent to the Earth to do.  It causes us to, as I said in my post, sit down, shut up, and stop moving. 

When the feeling of fear begins to settle in and take root, instead of falling victim to the feeling, I invite you to invoke the power of belief.  By now you’ve heard me say that your prospective clients won’t believe until you do.  Fear (though we all feel it) can cause us to forfeit opportunities and blessings that were designed just for us AND designed to go through us. When we surrender to fear we halt the ripple effect that was supposed to bless others. We have to remember where our strength and power come from. You are not alone. You are a woman/man on assignment being empowered by God. 

Your sales/business success is a direct result of your willingness to keep moving forward despite the fear that threatens to paralyze you. I have found that as you focus more on the SOUL LINE (feed your soul) than the goal line (money goals) you will begin to see amazing things happen in your business and your life.




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