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What if sales were systematic? What if there was not such a massive issue for you to have your cash register ring regularly, for sales to come in while you sleep? What if that were your reality? I have three P's to help you get there.

The Three P's 

The first P is to be patient. Stop treating yourself as a transaction. If you are patient when you are developing a new relationship, it will take some time. It will cause you to be a little more creative in some cases as to how you are attracting new people and building those relationships. 

If you are in it for the transaction, you're just going to get that; you might get one or two sales from that individual. But if you're willing to invest the value into that person or that company, you build long-term, generational relationships; they do business with you, refer you to their kids and their kids beyond that, their other friends, so on and so forth.

The second P is to be persistent for the same reason. Frequently, we want things to happen quickly, and when they don't happen right away, we jump out of the process and stop the growth. All of the things you desire to see growth, you're killing them. 

Be persistent, have a multi-pronged approach to the way you were locating, identifying, and including. You're inviting those new potential clients into your life for business.

The third P is to be professional. Don't get bent out of shape when someone doesn't call you back. You have to give them a reason to want to be in your presence, in your life to have you as an extended part of their team. If we're not giving them a reason, we can't expect them to respond. 

Reevaluate what you are doing or not doing that is causing that disconnect between yourself and prospective clients?


 I'm going to give you a bonus P. 

The last one is, it's not personal; stop making it about you if you care about the people that you're called to serve and that what you do changes lives - then you can't take it personally when that takes longer than you anticipated. Stay in the process; stay in the game for the people that need the transformation you have to offer to them. Whatever it is that you do, make it extremely valuable. Make them want to click the button, make them want to take the call and respond to you. In some cases, they might want to even seek you out because of the value you're bringing to the table.

Make Yourself Systematic

The last thing I'm going to share with you is that you want to make yourselves systematic. That means you have to put some things in place so that you remember to call them back. You are putting yourself at the forefront of their minds when they need what you have to offer. They're going to call you because you have made yourself valuable, memorable. Remember to be persistent, consistent, make it about them, make it something that they recognize that value in, and do it regularly.

If you're trying to figure out, "Hey, how do I make this happen?" I'm going to give you a two-pronged gift.  

Go to tishtimes.com. I have a quiz to determine if you are ready to receive sales. Because in some cases, the systems I just talked about are not in place yet. 

When you take the quiz, you're going to receive from me my Profitable Follow-Up Formula. It's got 12 steps to walk you through how to be patient, how to be persistent, and how to stay professional in the way you're engaging with the people you desire to serve. 


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