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Networking is NOT a One Night Stand

Networking is NOT a One Night Stand

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A Guide for Building Lasting Business Relationships
Some people treat networking events like a pick up bar. Get as many “numbers” as you can. Hope you can “score” with one or two. Wonder why it seemed like such a great connection at the event; however, now he or she won’t return your phone call.

Tish Times teaches you how to scrap the pick up bar approach as she introduces you to a higher echelon of networking and sales. In this book, you will learn how to speed up your results by cultivating lasting, revenue-generating relationships.

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...You are sick of feeling used and abused by networking one night stands.

You're tired of salespeople coming on too strong and trying to move the relationship along way too fast.

You thought you had a great connection. They said they would call, but the phone never rings.

What's even worse, often YOU have been the perpetrator; treating potential clients like you're just not that into them and coming off like you can't commit to a healthy relationship!

This ridiculous (and offensive) behavior has to stop!

My new book, Networking is NOT a One-night Stand will provide:

  • Strategies for developing relationships that are mutually beneficial, instead of coming across as needy or incredulous.
  • The simple follow-up system to say goodbye to networking one-night stands and never lose touch with another important connection.
  • Clarity around the costly networking mistakes most people make that results in lost opportunities and missed connections.
  • Confidence building tools so you can stop operating from a place of scarcity that causes you to settle OR try to force business relationships that really aren't meant to be.
Infinite Nation
5/ 5 stars


Every networker needs this book. Tish Times has an understanding of the networking and sales process that escapes many entrepreneurs. If you are ready to network more effectively and make more money, Tish has your solution.

Get Paid to Speak Academy
5/ 5 stars


I was totally amazed by Tish Times! She is a networking maven. Tish will teach you to network in a way that causes you to be memorable. She will help you to up-level your networking game!

Founder of Sextacular
5/ 5 stars


No matter what you think you know or what system you use, Tish Times has a more effective, more powerful networking solution that will make you unstoppable in business!

Profit is the New Black
5/ 5 stars


Tish’s information about networking is a true eye-opener! If you haven’t heard her information you need to-now!

Your Social Sage
5/ 5 stars


Tish Times is a networking guru! She is a systems pro! She has the systems for networking to take your business to the next level.

5/ 5 stars


Tish gets right to the heart of the matter. This book had me reeling with reflection of my own interactions with people prospects or not and I was inspired with tools to use on my own journey.